Packaging in Polionda® meets the new requirements of the food packaging world, which calls for features no longer satisfied by traditional materials.

The characteristics of packaging in Polionda® are:

  • reusability
  • food contact compliance
  • resistance to water and humid environments
  • hygienic
  • possibilities for customization

Its elevated impermeability makes packaging in Polionda® the best solution for hydro cooling. Recent European Union regulations have drastically reduced the range of materials that can be used in food packaging, and the Polionda® sheet meets all of these European requirements.

The Polionda® polypropylene corrugated sheet represents a perfect tool for the agriculture sector thanks to its light weight, low cost, ease of production and processing, and durability. Coils produced in Polionda® are ideal for soilless conventional and hydroponic cultivation. The shelters made in Polionda® represent the best protection for young plants against animal attacks and chemical products.

Its high water resistance and economic convenience position Polionda® sheets as the leading material in the agricultural sector.

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